Cleaning Garage Door Weather Stripping

A well-maintained garage door can last the entire life of your home. Whether you have a steel, fiberglass or wooden garage door, maintenance is critical. Taking good care of your garage door will not only ensure swift operation and better efficiency but also improved useful life of the garage. The garage door and weather stripping need the same kind of care. Weather stripping has a crucial and specific purpose. It helps form a seal against dust, snow, rain, the hot summer sun, cold winter chills and bugs. When well taken care of, it will do its job for years. Here are a few tips on cleaning garage door weather stripping.

Cleaning Garage Door Weather Stripping

Properly cleaning your garage door weather stripping will help to ensure it lasts as long as it can. All you’ll need is an all-purpose cleaner, rags and elbow grease. The best way to clean weather stripping is by hand using a soft damp rag or cloth. Don’t be too rough and avoid using any tools or brooms as you might damage the weather stripping. You also need to pay attention to the weather strip between each of your door panels. As you clean the stripping, inspect for cracks, dryness or places where the stripping is detaching.

What is Weather Stripping?

Your properly maintained garage door will have even spacing all the way around. The door covers the garage while the weather stripping covers the small gap around. Weather stripping is usually made of flexible materials ranging from vinyl and felt to foam tape and tension seal. The flexible material flexes as you open and close the door, forming a seal between the garage door and the door frame and limiting the flow of air in and out of your garage.

LubricationCleaning Garage Door Weather Stripping

Keeping the weather stripping flexible is what allows it to do its job efficiently. Harsh, dry and hot weather conditions can compromise the integrity of the waterproofing material. As such, you can extend its useful life by applying a lubricant every three months or so. Most lubricants are easy to find and have package instructions you can use during the application. However, never use petroleum-based lubricants as they will lead to drying, cracking and gumming up of the weather stripping material.


Over time, the weather stripping material will dry, crack or lose its flexibility. The material will no longer perform as intended and will need to be replaced. Replacement weather stripping can be purchased at most home improvement stores and hardware. You can always seek professional advice if you’re not sure about the type that’s most suitable for your door.

Bottom Line

The weather stripping is crucial for climate control in your garage. Periodically cleaning garage door weather stripping helps to get rid of any gunk that would eat away at the rubber, keeping the material strong and supple. It’s best to adjust your garage door whenever necessary, to ensure your door works properly and safely.