Garage Door Tips – Maintaining Your Garage

One of the most moving parts of your home is the door of your garage as it is operated several times within a day. Some garage door tips are provided to help you in operating your garage door effortlessly for many years in the future.

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Keep its Hardware Tight

The hardware of your garage door loosen up by moving it up and down thousands of times every year. So you should check its moving parts and tighten them up regularly.

Listen and Look

In order to maintain your garage door, you should monitor its sound and action while moving it. If it does not operate silently and smoothly or is not moving symmetrically then you should call a professional service for its maintenance.

Check and Replace its Rollers

You should check its rollers at least after every six months and replace the crack or worn out rollers after 6-7 years if you are using it very frequently on a daily basis.

Test the Balance of Garage Door

If the opener of your garage door is working harder than it may not be balanced properly. So, to improve the life of your garage door you should balance it, with the help of a professional, by balancing the improperly-balanced counterweight system of its springs.

Lubrication of its Moving Parts

In order to operate your garage door uninterruptedly, you should lubricate its moving parts like screws and chain of its opener and more by using good quality grease.

Replace its Weather Stripping

The rubber weather stripping at the bottom of the garage doors gets cracked or brittle with time. It should be replaced instantly to ensure the safety of your garage door along with your entire home.

Test its Features of Auto-Reverse Safety

Normally garage doors work on two mechanisms – photocell and mechanical. You can ensure proper working of your garage door by testing its auto-reverse features, regardless of the mechanism used for operating it.

Check its High Tension Cables

Though touching high-tension cables of your garage door can be harmful to you still you can call a professional to check their condition so that damaged or broken cables can be repaired or replaced before any mishap.

Groom the Garage Door

Examine your garage door in routine. If it is made of wood then it can warp and damage by water or get chipped while removing paint from it. If it is made of steel then it can have rust spots. In such condition, you will have to improve the condition of your garage door by grooming it by sanding, priming and painting it. While washing it along with your car you should use a mild and multipurpose cleaner.

Clear the Tracks of Your Garage Door

The tracks of both sides of your garage door should be free from any kind of debris. You can check and clear the tracks by using a level to ensure their alignment. You can also call the professional service provider if it needs some major adjustments.

Bottom Line

If your garage door is not working properly, then the garage door tips provided in this write-up can help you to maintain it yourself to some extent. In severe cases, you should call a professional service to take care of it.