What Can You Throw Away in a Dumpster? – What to Know

Throughout everyone’s day to day lives, people accumulate trash and clutter. People’s first reactions to trash is often to throw it away in the trash can or a dumpster. But little do they know that there are certain things that you can and cannot throw away in a dumpster. So, what can you throw away in a dumpster? Read on to learn more.

What Can You Throw Away In A Dumpster

What Can You Throw Away In A Dumpster

What Can You Throw Away in a Dumpster?

This article will detail all of the items that you can throw away in a dumpster and what items you cannot throw away in one when you come across a reason where you need a dumpster

  • Furniture 

Almost all types of furniture including chairs, couches and tables are accepted in the dumpsters. But in some of the locations mattresses and upholstered furniture pieces are not allowed in the landfills. Hence, you have to know about the regulations in your area to be sure about what you can dump and what you cannot.

  • Appliances

Appliances get old and often times don’t work anymore. So how do you get rid of them and how do you get rid of an old refrigerator? It is allowed to dump dryers, refrigerators, washers and AC units. But before they are dumped, harmful components and fluids such as freon are removed first. You can hire a professional to remove the freon for you. 

  • Electronic Products

Electronic products can also be dumped into the dumpster. The electronic products such as a printer, TV, printer and computers are mainly accepted into the dumpster. But in some of the areas, due to local laws and regulations, electronic products are not allowed to be dumped into the dumpster. You have to clarify that with your local dumpster rental service.

  • Yard Waste

Waste such as grass, brush, branches, trees and other green wastes are allowed in most of the dumpsters. However, the regulation determines whether or not your local dumpster service provider will accept these dumps or not. For this, you have to make sure that you are contacting the dumpster service provider first.

  • Construction Debris

Construction debris such as brick, concrete stone and asphalts can be thrown in any dumpsters. But due to its weight, most of the companies may deny this. There are some specific dumpster services for the heavier materials.

Final Words

Let’s say it’s time to spray your house for bugs or you’re planning on painting your cabinets or replacing your countertops and you need to declutter parts of your home. So, what can you throw away in a dumpster? You can throw away all of the above mentioned items, but be sure to double check with the dumpster service that you choose and your state’s individual rules and regulations about dumping