Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips

Like most devices, even your kitchen appliances need to be well maintained to serve you for longer. Taking care of your appliances also helps to cut down on costly repairs and helps to improve energy efficiency. Sometimes taking care of these appliances can seem like a huge task. Here are a few kitchen appliance maintenance tips to bear in mind.

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips

This article highlights a few maintenance tips that can help you to prevent having to replace your appliance.

RefrigeratorKitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips

Your refrigerator is one of those appliances that never stops working. Having your dryer or washer malfunction would be an inconvenience but the refrigerator is more critical. Keep your fridge in good working order to prevent it from breaking down and costing you all your chilled food. A few maintenance tips can help you avoid the inconvenience of a malfunctioning refrigerator.

Start by making sure your refrigerator gaskets are in good condition. These seals between the doors and cabinet will ensure your unit is running efficiently and help extend its useful life. Damaged gaskets, for example, will allow room temperature air to enter the cabinet, creating excess moisture and frost issues that could prevent your unit from working at optimum efficiency. Any loose or torn parts means you need to replace your door gasket.

Another critical factor you need to check is that there’s proper flow of air through the condenser. Pet hair and dust can accumulate on condenser fans or coils restricting the flow of air and resulting in the failure or overheating of the compressor or associated sealed components. Remove the refrigerator’s back panel and clean the coils with a soft brush or handheld vacuum.

You also want to check that the hinge components of your refrigerator are properly lubricated and in good shape. Replace any cracked or broken retainer bars, shelf end caps and door bins as soon as you notice the defect to prevent any further damages. Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips


A malfunctioned dishwasher can be a major inconvenience. The main thing to bear in mind when it comes to your dishwasher is that what you consider to be normal usage could be damaging your equipment over time. Maintain your dishwasher regularly and make sure you load it properly each time to prevent problems from developing right under your nose.

Inspect the seal or door gasket on your dishwasher for defects or damage and replace if necessary. A leaking door seal can cause expensive damage to your floor. The trick here is to clean it regularly with water and soap to keep a watertight seal.

Oven and Range

The secret to keeping your oven and range in good working order is to clean it up after each use. Your range and stove may be damaged when caked-on food is left to reburn repeatedly after each use. Wash up spills as soon as they happen to prevent them from baking on and getting harder to remove.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re armed with some kitchen appliance maintenance tips, you’re able to enjoy better efficiency and longer useful lives from your appliances. Be vigilant about maintenance and come up with a maintenance checklist that will guide you through the process.