Should You Paint Cabinets Or Replace Countertops First? – What the Pros Recommend

Should you paint cabinets or replace countertops first? The answer is, it doesn’t matter, and it depends. Confusing, right? Not so much. If you can, it’s best to do both projects at once. However, it’s not always a perfect world we’re living in. You might not be ready to do both projects at once financially. Or, you might not have the time to do both at once. And, if that’s the case, it’s okay!

Should You Paint Cabinets Or Replace Countertops First

Should You Paint Cabinets Or Replace Countertops First

Should You Paint Cabinets Or Replace Countertops First?

We’re going to focus on kitchen cabinet painting and countertop resurfacing here. We’ll answer the question many homeowners have, whether they should do one or the other project before the other. And, we’ll guide you towards picking the right contractor to do both of these projects, to ensure you’re pleased with the outcome. You can even renovate the kitchen yourself if you choose to go the DIY route. 

Painting First

Some homeowners are ready to get the project underway as quickly as possible, no matter what the home improvement idea that they have is. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and want an update, or you’ve been in your home for years, and want to see a change, your kitchen is one room you can focus on to make big changes. Why paint first? Some reasons to consider this route includes

  • To avoid scratching or dropping paint on the new countertops after installing them
  • You can work from the top-down when remodeling
  • It takes less time than installing new countertops

All of these answers are true. However, if you hire the right contractor for the job, they’ll pay attention and make sure to safely install your new countertops, and do the paintwork in your kitchen, properly, to avoid making a mistake on either end.

Focus on the Countertops

If you prefer starting with the counters and backsplash, that’s fine as well. With this approach, you will find:

  • The larger job is done first
  • There’s less cleanup to do after you paint
  • You can do the dusty and messy work first, to prevent staining or getting dust stuck on your freshly painted cabinets

Again, if you have the right crew in place, they’ll make sure to do the job properly, regardless of which of the two projects you choose to complete first.

Undertake Both Projects if You Can

If you can afford it, have estimated the construction costs that you’ll incur and have the time to do it, the best approach is to do both projects simultaneously. This will reduce the overhead, allows the contractors to properly blend colors, and make sure the job’s done in a timely fashion. You can continue reducing the costs of the construction by looking into tips on how to save

There’s no right or wrong order, as it pertains to painting cabinets and installing new counters in your kitchen. Discuss both options with your contractors to see what they feel is the best approach. And, make sure you can budget accordingly, to ensure you get both projects completed, and are pleased with the outcome.

Bottom Line 

Should you paint cabinets or replace countertops first? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. As long as you hire the right remodeling crew, you can do both simultaneously, or you can focus on the cabinets first then the countertops, or vice-versa. It’s really up to you, your budget, and your time constraints, as to deciding which project to tackle first, or whether to do both at the same time.