What Causes Pavers to Sink? – How to Prevent This

After a period of time, pavers on your patio or driveway can sink. It is not very uncommon that your pavers are sinking after a certain period of time. But, what causes pavers to sink? You may notice some of the low spots on your patio or walkways and driveways. This can be really unfortunate. But you need to know the real reasons for this sinking. But it is quite easy to fix even when you are facing a worst case scenario.

What Causes Pavers to Sink?

What Causes Pavers to Sink

What Causes Pavers to Sink

So, read on to know more about the causes behind the pavers sinking at different places. We discuss different reasons why you may see a change or dip in the pavers after sometime. This is not something rare. It happens almost with everyone and there is nothing to worry about.

Reasons Behind Sinking Pavers

Some of the factors that cause the pavers to sink are:

  • Shaky Ground

One of the main reasons why you will see sinking in the pavers is the unstable ground beneath your patio or driveways. Often due to harsh winter seasons, there can be a warp in the group which can cause the pavers to sink. This can be fixed easily by removing the pavers first from the sunken area and re-leveling the ground. You can then place the pavers back to its position again. You can also look into really packing the pavers in with sand. Although before you do this, you need to know how to calculate how much sand you need for your pavers

  • Exposure to Water

Another reason behind this pavers sinking is the water damages. When the area gets exposed to the water or water is collected below the pavers, it can make the ground softer. When you step on the pavers or drive over it, the pavers tend to shift with the soft soil. This can be a bit tricky to fix because you need to stop the water damage first. Fix the source of water erosion and then you can repair the pavers. You can then look into sealing the pavers, but also know how long you should wait before sealing them

  • Poor Installation of Pavers

One of the most common reasons why the pavers sink in your patio or driveways is because of the poor installation of the pavers. As we always recommend you to contact the best professional paving expert for an installation job. You must do it to avoid the main mistakes when installing pavers. Poor installation can result in the sinking of the pavers in your patio or for your backyard idea for your small yard. Fixing it is not that easy as you have to remove the pavers of the entire area and fix it. Make sure to create a strong and durable base. The foundation is important to install the pavers.

Final Words

Do you now know about what causes pavers to sink? Well, these are the three main causes that can result in the sinking of your pavers. But the fixing is not that difficult, though the water damage one can be a bit trickier than the other two. This can essentially be a DIY project if you are looking to improve your home. You need to call a professional expert who can examine the area properly and help you in solving it. The professionals not only assess the area of the sink but they will also assess the rest of the area to know or identify where there is a problem. It is better to fix that area too before the sinking happens again after sometime.