What Color are the Garage Door Sensors Supposed to Be? – Garage Door Won’t Close

Garage door sensors are an integrated feature of your garage door. They act as a safety measure tailored to save lives and prevent serious accidents and injuries that may be caused by your garage door closing automatically. Curious as to what color are garage door sensors supposed to be? We’ll find out in today’s post.

What Color are the Garage Door Sensors Supposed to Be?

Your garage door sensors should always be fully functional. If there seems to be a problem, such as the garage door being hard to open, doing some basic troubleshooting steps can help identify and repair the issue.

What Color Do The Sensors Need to Be? 

While each manufacturer uses different colors, most of the time, garage door sensors come in black color. They will have small LED lights, which are usually garage door sensor yellow light and green light. Functional garage door sensors should have LED lights fully and steadily lit. In case there is a problem, such as a sensor is not working or an alignment issue is present, the LED lights will blink or will not be lit at all.

How to Test Garage Door Sensors

Testing your garage door sensors is essential to ensure they are working as expected and cannot cause accidents and injuries. Just follow the step-by-step guide below to test your garage door sensors.

What Color are the Garage Door Sensors Supposed to Be

What Color are the Garage Door Sensors Supposed to Be

  1. Prepare the following items: a tape measure, soft cloth, cardboard boxes, and your garage door remote control.
  2. With the tape measure, determine your garage door’s height and how high your garage door sensors are.
  3. Get a few cardboard boxes – make sure they are higher than the sensors’ height and put them in the garage doorway in front of the sensors.
  4. Hold the garage door remote control and press the button that closes the door. One of the following can happen. The garage door will stop and reverse back to the open position – this indicates that your sensors are working properly. Your garage door keeps going back up if there is an obstruction in the doorway. The garage door will continue to close and crush the cardboard boxes – if this happens, check the alignment of the sensors.
  5. If the boxes were crushed, inspect both sensors; you can see an LED light on each sensor’s exterior. If one of the lights is blinking, you need to realign the sensors. Here’s how to align garage door sensors: tighten the screw that attaches the sensor to the bracket or adjust the bracket into position. Once the sensors are properly aligned, the LED light should stop blinking.
  6. Test the Garage Door Again: open the door and replace the crushed boxes with new ones. Close the garage door and see what happens. If the issue persists, meaning the garage door does not stop and crushes the boxes yet again, check if the lenses of the sensors are dirty.
  7. Using a soft cloth, wipe the lenses out and remove any debris as this can cause malfunctioning.
  8. Do the same test using another cardboard box. If the problem remains, make sure to move any boxes or heavy tools away from the sensors. You can do any of the following:
  • Inspect if the sensor wires are broken or damaged. If wire damage is present, you will need to replace the sensor.
  • Check if the sensors were exposed to water. Wait for them to completely dry and perform the test. If the door still continues to close, you may need to replace the sensor.


What Color Should the Lights be on Garage Door Sensors?

The color on your garage door sensors is usually green or yellow. As long as the sensors are aligned correctly and there is no wire damage, the LED lights on both the sending and receiving sensors should be steadily lit. A garage door maintenance tip is to occasionally check the auto reverse safety feature to ensure the sensors and everything are working properly.

How do I Know if My Garage Door Sensor is Bad?

Garage door sensors that do not function as they should close even if there is an obstruction in the way. When there is nothing between the two sensors, the LED light on each should fully glow. If there is no light on the sensors, you should consider replacing them.

What does Orange Light Mean on Garage Door Sensor?

If an obstruction is present or the sensors are not correctly aligned, the receiving sensor’s green LED light will blink. If the sending sensor’s orange LED light blinks or does not lit up, it is time to check for loose wiring connection.

To Summarize 

Garage door sensors are an essential feature of any garage door. In fact, the law mandates that all garage doors should be equipped with these sensors, making your garage door automatically reverse if it detects an obstruction in the way. To know if they are working properly, you should be aware of what color are the garage door sensors supposed to be. Typically, they are black in color with green or yellow LED lights, which should fully glow if no sensor issue exists.