What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?

Any real estate agent worth their salt will tell you that a buyer will have made a solid opinion about a home before they step into it. The amount of time, resources, and effort you've put into styling and designing a home's interior will not matter if the outdoor features lack the enchantment to attract a potential buyer. So, what outdoor features will add value to your home?

We researched the top outdoor features that'll give your home the pizzazz it deserves. Read on.

What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?
What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?

Swimming Pools

There's no doubt that pools add value to a home. Potential buyers are looking for pools designed around a natural style that blends into the home landscape. Typical rectangle-shaped pools aren't as popular as free-form pools. In addition to this, buyers prefer darker interior finishes rather than traditional interiors such as the “normal”
bright blue.

Water features such as fountains, waterfalls and grottoes are trendy- as is the coral stone for tanning ledges, copings, wet decks, and pool surround. Generally, buyers prefer features such as wide and shallow in-pool shelves that'll offer them a chance to cool off without getting into the water.

Lighting and Landscaping

Some landscaping and hardscaping elements essential for an exceptional exterior include gazebos, walkways, and patios. Enlist a professional landscape architect's services to supervise the installation of these features since they are interdependent.

Your geographical location will be a considerable determinant when settling on the garden style and type of plants. Detailed lighting will provide security, safety, and ambiance while offering a potential buyer the opportunity to enjoy trees, flowers, and shrubs at night. All these elements will add value to your home.

What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?
What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?

Outdoor Kitchens

During warm weather, dining alfresco is a joy no one can deny. Installing an outdoor kitchen gives your home a sophisticated uplift for your backyard barbecues while making your home more entertainment-friendly. You could install a functional cupboard kitchen.

However, if you want to take things up a notch, consider a well-outfitted outdoor kitchen with gas, electricity, and plumbing.

Some amenities you don't want to scrimp on include appliances like refrigerators, ovens, burners, wine coolers, grills, and ice makers. An adjacent table is excellent for family and friends meet-ups, while installing a wood-fired pizza oven will score you more points. And don’t forget the patio heaters so you can extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space into the cooler evenings.

Outdoor Screening Rooms

Many homeowners are keen to wire their gardens with outdoor speaker systems. However, some will want something a little extra such as outdoor screening rooms. Such charming spaces combine the extravagance and affluence of a home theater and the allure of a drive-in movie.

Some manufacturers produce specialty outdoor big-screen TVs. These televisions come with excellent brightness features that allow you to watch your favorite films in the daylight. The best thing about them is they are weatherproof and can resist the elements.

What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?
What Outdoor Features Will Add Value To Your Home?

Eco-Friendly Amenities

One of the most popular ways to add value to a home is to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable upgrades. Think drainage systems that let you harvest rainwater for your garden irrigation, landscape lighting that makes use of solar panels, and green roofs, which are an excellent source of insulation- all these are desirable features to home buyers that are eco-aware.


Introducing outdoor features will add value to your home and help you make a faster sale. For the best outcome, evaluate which ones work for your geographical location and which ones don't. However, even if you can only install one out of the ones we've mentioned, it'll give you better chances with potential buyers.

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